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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Mammography is basically a screening tool to screen women at high risk for breast cancer. It can detect ductal carcinoma in situ (even before there are symptoms or a lump present). The image of the breast is produced as a result of some of the x-rays being absorbed, while others pass through the breast to expose either a film (conventional mammography) or digital image receptor (digital mammography).
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  • Even with the best imaging and PACS systems, patient education often gets left out of the digital mammography equation. For newly-diagnosed patients, the amount of procedural information received from the physician can be overwhelming.

    Rimage and DatCard are donating a comprehensive breast health solution called MammoSmart to a selected health care facility where digital mammography is practiced. The donation includes complete installation and one full year of service.

    MammoSmart is a revolutionary means of empowering patients with their complete mammography history and breast care information on an automatically produced CD or DVD. Depending on the facility, this information may include mammography history, patient health data, educational/instructional content and medical images.

    The beauty of MammoSmart is facilities can now provide all breast health patients with comprehensive, yet personalized medical information on disc, replacing dozens of printed handouts and reducing consultation times. Patients can watch procedure videos, read background information about their diagnosis or bring their medical images on disc to a specialist for further review.

    Visit and register to be considered for the donation.

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